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"...just installed the running boards. They fit perfectly, you did an outstanding job!! Very satisfied with your service, product and craftsmanship. I hope to bring it to the Good-Guys in Charlotte and will stop in to show off your work."

Ralph, Raleigh

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Jon from Marietta, GA 1939 Pontiac looking good with SmoothieFab™ running boards.

Craig's 1936 Pontiac with our boards.

Glenn's 1940 Olds came out great with SmoothieFab™ running boards.

South Eglin High School is moving right along with their Project-37 using SmoothieFab™ running boards. This 37 Chevy is headed to SEMA when it is completed. It is great to see these skills being taught in school.

Joe H. is moving right along with his 38 Chevy truck build. These custom running boards are completing the look!

Gordy H. in Iowa has finished his ride. This 41 Chevy truck looks great with these custom running boards. An extra 2" and beads for dimension.

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Edward B. in NY is moving right along installing these 33-35 Chevy Standard boards.

Larry & Vicky H have a special project in the works. Sporting SmoothieFab™ boards. 

"It's a 46 Chevy COE on a 90 dodge dakota frame with 350 engine (under the seat)." Larry

Tom L. displaying his 39 Chevy Master with our running boards.

Thank you for the quality craftsmen ship! Love them! Good fit!

Jason R. Wyoming

Jason R. is working on his 54 F100 truck. Shout out to his local FedEx driver for taking special care with this delivery.

Jason S from VA has done a nice job restoring his 39 GMC Longbed truck. These SmoothieFab running boards have added beads for extra style.

Scott has his 33 Essex (below) and his 34 Chevy (left) with our smooth running boards.

Those new Chevy running boards were a big improvement